Graduation Crafting Ideas Using Dollar Tree Items

Graduating from school is an exciting achievement that deserves to be celebrated! If you’re looking for unique ways to commemorate this special occasion, then you should try creating your own graduation crafts. With a little dollar tree graduation craft ideas and some basic supplies, you can make memorable decorations, gifts, and keepsakes that will help you remember this milestone moment for years to come.

There are not only 5 crafts in the article! I have added many Graduation Craft Ideas for you at the end of the article. I added items like Graduation cap decoration and graduation party decorations. Likewise, I made a lot of decoration craft for my daughter’s graduation before.

graduation craft

To get started with your graduation crafts, you’ll need some basic supplies such as paint, paper, scissors, glue, and any other materials specific to the project you choose. You can find most of these supplies at your local craft store or even at the dollar store.

Graduation Cap Photo Frame Craft

One of the easiest graduation craft ideas is a graduation cap photo frame. To make this frame, you’ll need a black foam board, a square picture frame, and some gold or silver glitter. Start by cutting the foam board to fit the frame, and then cut a small square in the center to create the cap. Cover the cap with glitter, and then attach it to the foam board using glue. Finally, add your graduation photo, and your frame is ready to display!

graduation craft ideas
graduation craft ideas

Graduation Cardholder

Another fun graduation craft idea is a graduation cardholder. You’ll need a small metal bucket, some ribbon, and some graduation-themed stickers. Begin by tying the ribbon around the bucket, and then add the stickers to the front. This is a great way to organize all of your graduation cards in one place, while also adding a decorative touch to your celebration.

Graduation Cardholder craft
Graduation Cardholder craft

Graduation Tassel Garland

For those who want to add some festive flair to their graduation party, consider making a graduation tassel garland. You’ll need some string, colorful tassels, and a hot glue gun. Simply string the tassels onto the string, and then glue them in place. Hang the garland up at your graduation party for a colorful and celebratory touch.

Graduation Tassel Garland

Graduation Memory Jar Craft

Finally, consider making a graduation memory jar to capture your favorite moments from your time in school. You’ll need a clear jar, some small pieces of paper, and a pen. Ask your friends and family to write down their favorite memories from your time in school, and then add them to the jar. This is a great way to preserve your graduation memories for years to come.

Graduation Memory Jar
Graduation Memory Jar craft
Graduation Memory Jar

These are just a few of the many graduation craft ideas that you can create using Dollar Tree items. With a little creativity and some affordable supplies, you can make your graduation celebration a truly memorable one.

Graduation Craft Decoration

This is what I did last year for my son. Used DT books, wrapped them in his school color paper added the names on the binding, DT balloons that I added his school logo to with my cricut and then the cups were the balloon holder and used his favorite fast food places. They gave them to me for free! Oh, and the grad cap came from DT as well.

DT balloons

Other Dollar Tree Graduation Craft Ideas

graduation wreath
Graduation decor craft

Centerpieces for my cousins’ graduation party just have to add her photo. All dollar tree except sloth, 2020 stickers and lights.

graduation party just have

I found instructions on Pinterest, not too difficult to make but a bit time-consuming, It took at least a few hours. I purchased the charger, candleholder (spray-painted it green), ribbon, card stock, dowels, styrofoam, foam board, pins, clear rubber bands all at Dollar Tree. And then added embellishments from some of the things she likes. It was a hit at her drive through graduation, totally worth the time spent making it!🎓

graduation garden craft

If you are looking for crafts to do for more special days. You can take a look at our special craft article for Mother’s Day.

Small graduation party for a friend. 90% of all decor from dollar stores.

  • Dollar tree book pages used for Pom Pom flowers, table runners, and decoupage on the mannequin heads.
  • Boxes covered in wrapping paper, letters cut on Cricut.
  • Dollar tree streamers for backdrops
graduation party
graduation party

I made these with the DT Splatter guard for my daughter’s graduation party. Then I repurposed them for a bridal shower. Whoever had this original idea, thank you! Got lots of complements on them.

DT Splatter guard

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