Dollar Tree Jenga Block Crafts: Creative DIY Projects

I get excited when starting every project, but making dollar tree jenga block crafts is very enjoyable for me. I can make many different home, kitchen and bathroom decor items. I can create creative content by turning these versatile wooden blocks into unique and personalized creations.

enga Block Firecrackers

What is Jenga Block Crafts?

Jenga block crafts allows you to transform classic wooden blocks from the popular game into beautiful and functional items. From home decor to personalized gifts, there’s no limit to what you can create with these simple yet versatile blocks.

What are the materials needed for Jenga Block Crafts?

To get started with jenga block crafts, you’ll need the following materials:

how to create jenga block craft

How to Make Jenga Block Crafts

  1. Begin by preparing your jenga blocks. You can leave them in their natural wooden state or paint them with acrylic paints for a pop of color.
  2. Once the blocks are dry, let your creativity guide you. You can paint different patterns, designs, or even write inspiring quotes on each block.
  3. Consider adding decorative elements like ribbons, buttons, or beads to further personalize your jenga block creations.
  4. Assemble the blocks back into the classic tower shape or create unique arrangements, such as photo holders, desk organizers, or even mini shelves.

I gave you the steps to create a simple jenga craft above, now let’s take a look at it with a different design and learn how to make different crafts with these blocks. Just imagine, you can do a lot with these jenga blocks. I do amazing things with jenga craft, especially at Christmastime.

1- More jenga block ornaments

Jenga block craft Christmas day

2- My “Jenga style block” glue gun holder and phone holder. SO convenient! Blocks, hot glue, and a little plastic pot that one of the faux succulents come in. Everything from DT.

Jenga style block glue gun holder and phone holder

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3-  Jenga block tree finished this morning. My farmhouse Christmas look.

Jenga Block farmhouse Christmas

4- Mini jenga block Christmas tree. Blocks and paint from dollar tree.

christmas jenga block

5- I made a little crate out of them

jenga block crate

6-  Looks small in these poctures but it’s a decent size 5.5″x 6.5″

7- Jenga wood tray

 jenga wood tray

8- Blessed Jenga Block

Blessed home docer with jenga block

9- Pumpkin Spice

10- Flowerpot with Blocks

flowerpot jenga

11- Organizer

Jenga block organizer

12- Spoon Holder

13- Holder

14- Decorative Magnet

jenga block decorative fridge magnet

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15- LOVE


17- Farmhouse Craft “Hello”

Farmhouse hello with jenga block

18- Can be used as a vase or lantern with battery candle

19- Rabbit

20- Home Decor 

21- Phone Holder


22- USA Flag

usa flag jenga block craft dollar tree

23- Decor

24- Decor

25- I made this cell phone holder out of jenga block and it only take 59 block to make it

phone holder out of jenga block


You can do these as well. Here are some inspiring jenga block craft ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Personalized Photo Holder: Paint the blocks in a cohesive color scheme, attach mini clothespins to the sides, and use them to display your favorite photos.
  • Inspirational Quote Blocks: Paint each block with a different motivational quote or word, creating a stack of positivity to brighten up any space.
  • Mini Planters: Paint and seal the blocks, then attach small pots to the top of each block. Fill them with succulents or small plants for a charming touch of greenery.
  • Desk Organizer: Paint the blocks in coordinating colors and glue them together in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Use the slots between the blocks to store pens, markers, or other small office supplies.

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Difficulties in Making Jenga Block Crafts

While jenga block crafts are generally fun and straightforward, there can be a few challenges. One difficulty might be achieving a steady hand when painting intricate designs on the small blocks. It’s also essential to ensure the blocks are properly sealed or varnished to protect the paint and make them more durable.

In my experience, jenga block crafts have been a delightful and rewarding activity. They allow me to unleash my creativity while adding a personalized touch to my home decor or creating thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

So grab some dollar tree jenga blocks and let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless, and the satisfaction of creating something unique is truly gratifying. Happy crafting!

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