Dollar Tree Haunted House Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for some Halloween decorating ideas, why not try making your own dollar tree haunted house craft? This fun and easy project is perfect for getting in the spooky spirit of the season. Now I’m going to show you over 12 Dollar Tree Haunted House Craft Ideas. And you will be able to discover a lot in this article.

haunted house craft with dollar tree

What is Haunted House?

Haunted house craft is a creative way to make a miniature haunted house using simple materials that can be found at the Dollar Tree. With a few inexpensive supplies and some imagination, you can create a spooky and fun decoration for your home.

dt haunted
dollar tree haunter house craft

What are the materials needed for a Haunted House?

dollar tree haunted house craft led

To make a Dollar Tree haunted house craft, you’ll need:

How to make Haunted House Craft?

These are the steps I use in my crafts. This is how you can make a basic haunted house craft. When I come to the end of the article, I will give you dozens of different illustrated ideas. To make a Dollar Tree haunted house craft, follow these steps:

1- Start by spray-painting your cardboard box black.

haunted house craft

2- Cut out the windows and doors of your haunted house using a box cutter.

dollar tree haunted house craft

3- Cut out black construction paper to fit behind the windows and doors.

4- Glue the construction paper to the inside of the box.

haunted house craft

5- Add your Halloween decorations to the outside of the box using the glue gun.

6- Add small LED lights inside the haunted house to make it extra spooky.

haunted house decor idea
Dollar tree haunted house craft idea

What decorations can I add to Haunted House Craft?

I add scary and small decors to fit the context. If you are doing it for your child, maybe you can go a little out of the concept and add little sweet decorations.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a haunted house craft. You can create a spooky graveyard scene, a creepy mansion, or even a haunted castle. Get creative with your decorations and add your own personal touch to your haunted house.

What are the difficulties in making Haunted House Craft?

One of the challenges of making a haunted house craft is finding the right balance between scary and fun. You want to create a spooky decoration that will add to the Halloween atmosphere, but you also don’t want to go overboard and scare your guests away. Another difficulty may be finding the right materials and decorations, but with a little creativity, you can make something truly unique and creepy.

haunted house craft ideas

Overall, Dollar Tree haunted house craft is a fun and easy DIY project that will add some spookiness to your Halloween decor. Give it a try and see what kind of creepy creation you can come up with!


Other Haunted House Craft Ideas

I made this haunted house candleholder from dollar tree items ! PS the tiny stickers are not from DT, everything else is.

haunted house idea
haunted house idea craft

Haunted house from dollar tree items

dt haunted-house-ideas

I’m so excited about my Dollar Tree doll house haunted houses. It turned out so cool!!

halloween haunted house
halloween haunted house

Dollar Tree doll house Nightmare Before Christmas candleholder


Mmmkay my fellow crafters. So I have to be totally honest here, and I’m trying to be just that and not negative, but this has been the most MISERABLE craft I have ever made!


The acrylic paint did not hold well to the doll houses. Had to touch it up multiple times and let it dry over and over. I had a very hard time getting the houses to glue together and on to the glass trivet I used. I totally messed up how I put the house together and had to fix it.. TWICE.


Nothing went right for this project, and I just wanted to give it up. I actually threw it in the trash and took it back out an hour later.


I’ve thrown out projects before that just didn’t seem to work out, but something about this challenge kept pushing me to finish it. Sooo it’s far from perfect, it’s lopsided and hot glue everywhere and paint chipped in spots, but…here it is!


At least through Halloween, it will stay out of the trash


I wanted to share my story with you all just as a reminder, especially to newer crafters such as myself, within the past year anyway…that at times you will be challenged beyond what you think you can accomplish. You will get frustrated. Have angry tears throw stuff out. But the key is to never ever give up! These challenges are a good thing. They keep you pushing forward and trying new things and bettering your talents. You’ve got this!! I promise lol!


Dollar Tree doll house Nightmare
Dollar Tree doll house Nightmare

My Dollar Tree haunted house, I’m working on!! Still have to paint the porch, add lights, build the fence etc… What do you think so far?

Update: Added cemetery sign, fence, and Beware sign on the fence. Just need to add all the lights and batteries and some more tombstones!!

Dollar Tree haunted house
Dollar Tree haunted house

Wanted to share my version of the Dollar Tree doll house into haunted house. Happy Halloween!

Dollar Tree doll house into haunted house
Dollar Tree doll house into haunted house

Did you see other Dollar Tree Craft Ideas?

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